Progress a little more than a week on

November 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

It has been a pretty quick start for NZAG – within the first week we’d had a sit down with SPADA to discuss things initially and had received quite a bit of press attention.

Since then we’ve been focussing on consolidating the start we’ve had and continue to reach out to fellow industry groups to let them know who we are, ask them for any practical help and to talk a little about how we can work together. Already we’ve been in touch with the Writers’, Directors and Stunt Guilds and there are meetings with some of the others to follow in short order.

Generally the reaction from these fellow guilds has been positive and we hope to have sit-down meetings with them in the future.

We’ve also been in touch with Actors’ Equity and Geoff has been down to their offices to talk with Frances Walsh. There has been a sharing of ideas there which we hope to further in the next few weeks when some NZAG members meet up with the Equity National Performers’ Committee.

Since NZAG now represents actors who are to be covered by any new Pink Book conditions we have asked both Equity and SPADA to be involved in these negotiations as observers only at this stage. This is because we are still in the process of incorporating the Guild and have no real standing yet. But it would be nice to know what was going on and be able to give some feedback to those of you who have expressed interest in joining the Guild officially soon.

The process of incorporation is also moving along. We are working on an interim set of rules to get the Guild incorporated. It is not envisioned that these rules will be set in stone until the end of time but are to provide a starting off point to get us underway. We will also look at getting some actual elections and a proper management structure up and running in the new year.

So there is a lot going on and more to come. In the meantime, new recruits and any offers of assistance or ideas where we can find assistance are welcom!

More news soon!


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