New Policies – lots to look out for

September 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

Some significant changes were made yesterday relating to the employment of overseas actors on productions in New Zealand, including those productions funded in whole or part by public money.
One of the main changes relates to the employment of performers on contracts of less than 14 days in duration and makes it easier than before for overseas performers to fill those positions. The NZ Actors’ Guild and other industry groups have worked hard during the consultation process to shore up jobs for kiwi performers and we are concerned that new regulations do not undermine these job opportunities going forward.
Whilst we understand that barriers to productions being made in New Zealand are not always desirable care must be taken that under these new regulations New Zealand talent is not overlooked both behind and in front of the camera. If this was to happen New Zealand may become merely a filming location and the creativity and innovation currently present in our creative sector could be lost.
We will continue to work to make sure that Kiwi actors get their chance to shine alongside our fellow creative professionals and that we are an integral part of making this happen

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