After a fair bit of close scrutiny – here are the current rules and constitution for the Guild:

A few things to look at and get some information

  • The Simpson Grierson opinion on the legal entitlement of Equity to negotiate with employers
  • The Churchman opinion on the same issue
  • The Bryson ruling which shifted the ability of a contractor to claim employee status
  • The Employment Relations (Film Production Work)  Bill which clarifies film workers’ status as contractors
  • The Pink Book 
  • If you’d like some information about the immigration issues currently facing the industry try the DOL website here and here
  • Last year a good proportion of NZ casting directors created a set of guidelines for their profession- you can check this out here
  • Here’s the result of submissions to the DOL for their policy review on visiting entertainers. Take a look here. The resulting policy from the Department of immigration can be seen here
  • Here’s a good page from the NZFC with the Film co-production agreements listed (relates to the topic above) and links to some other pertinent regulations for film-making in NZ
  • The discussion document for producer immigration accreditation is here

An NZAG flyer to pass on to interested colleagues or supporters:


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