What actors think

Here’s a taste of what NZAG members think are the issues facing us today:

  • “Work. Where it is and how to get it.”
  • “Creating harmony among the actors and working (cooperatively – not antagonistically) with producers and technicians, HERE”
  • “The contracts debate!”
  • “No Communication, and lack of knowledge”
  • “Poor terms and conditions on local drama”
  • “Poor understanding of rights and responsibilities among new and casual actors”
  • “Proliferation of training providers with no form of quality assurance”

And here’s a selection of the things they are looking for from their guild. What would you like?

  • “A community place to talk about other things”
  • “Don’t make decisions for me, ask me first”
  • “A non ego based organisations
    That is there to help ALL actors with constructive information
    An organisation that actively seeks out members and cares about what the People want.”
  • “…a registered body of like minded practitioners who can swap information and support each other”
  • “Consultation and communication on all decisions made by the guild – ie members make the decisions.”
  • “NZ Independence, but retaining international affiliation (or making that mean something)”



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    The NZ Actors' Guild is a guild for NZ actors run by NZ actors. We seek to act as advisers and advocates for actors across all industries and to work collaboratively with other craft guilds and organisations, where possible, to further our members' interests.

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