What actors think

Here’s a taste of what NZAG members think are the issues facing us today:

  • “Work. Where it is and how to get it.”
  • “Creating harmony among the actors and working (cooperatively – not antagonistically) with producers and technicians, HERE”
  • “The contracts debate!”
  • “No Communication, and lack of knowledge”
  • “Poor terms and conditions on local drama”
  • “Poor understanding of rights and responsibilities among new and casual actors”
  • “Proliferation of training providers with no form of quality assurance”

And here’s a selection of the things they are looking for from their guild. What would you like?

  • “A community place to talk about other things”
  • “Don’t make decisions for me, ask me first”
  • “A non ego based organisations
    That is there to help ALL actors with constructive information
    An organisation that actively seeks out members and cares about what the People want.”
  • “…a registered body of like minded practitioners who can swap information and support each other”
  • “Consultation and communication on all decisions made by the guild – ie members make the decisions.”
  • “NZ Independence, but retaining international affiliation (or making that mean something)”



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